19/11/2022 MADE in Thessaloniki at “Mi Me Lismonei” Art Cafe

29-30/11/2022 bazaar at the “Sculpture Garden” organised by the Skg Makers team.

I participated in the 8th Nea Paralia-Nea Pasarela which took place at Thessaloniki Concert Hall. The costume I created was made from 26 broken keyboards and has the title “Android”. Special thanks to my model; Aspasia Dimou.

“Redefine” Exhibition at Mikri Frida 11/04-02/05/2022

Redefine Collection

“Redefine” Exhibition at The Room; To Pikap 03-12/03/2022

Redefine Collection

15/12/2021 Relak present an eco friendly christmas workshop at “Kyklos”, Thessaloniki.

Christmas Workshop at “Kyklos”

15-17/10/2021 Reλακ at the 2nd Thessaloniki Design Week – Made in Thessaloniki

27/7/2021 Reλακ’s online workshop for Ecotivity School

7-8/7/2021 Reλακ’s workshop at Fox in The Pine, Thessaloniki

8-9-10/7/2020 Reλακ’s workshop at “Domatio tis Gitonias”, Thessaloniki

26-29/9/2019 Reλακ at 1st Zero Waste Music Festival, Athens

7-15/9/2019 Reλακ at the 84th Thessaloniki International Trade Fair.

12/5/2019 Reλακ at Made in Thessaloniki // Thessaloniki Design Week

24/4/2019 Workshop at the Children’s Library “Orestou”

10-13/4/2019 Reλακ at the 5th Thessaloniki Recycling Festival

5/4/2019 Speech about the environment at Youth Leadership Training School

30-31/3/2019 Personal Exhibition & Workshop at Bensousan Han, Thessaloniki

1-4 March 2019 Athens International Jewellery Show,Metropolitan Expo

Christmas Bazaar :
Σώμα Φίλων ΑμεΑ “Δράση για το κάτι άλλο” 15-16/12/2018

At Saturday 10th of November Relak tech jewelry will make a workshop for cancer wellness at Toms Flagship Thessaloniki. #WorldChildrensday


More info here

Relak tech jewelry at the 83rd Thessaloniki International Trade Fair.

Sunday 9/9 to Sunday 16/9 from 17.00-21.00 to the outdoor kiosk of Municipality of Thessaloniki.

eekend Biker Collection(1).png

Reλακ at the “4th Recycle Festival” which was organized by the Municipality of Thessaloniki and HELEXPO

4ο Φεστιβάλ Ανακύκλωσης του Δήμου Θεσσαλονίκης


Πλάνα από το κεντρικό δελτίο ειδήσεων της TV100 μπορείτε να δείτε εδώ .

“European Week for Waste Reduction” in Thessaloniki’s City Hall